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Continue to improve the level of intelligent construction of rural networks

Release time : 2019-11--20
  In order to implement the overall arrangements for the construction of smart grids, seize the opportunity for the country's new round of rural power grid transformation and upgrade, and accelerate the construction of a new rural power grid based on strength and intelligence, it is the new target and task of the State Grid Corporation's rural power work, and it is also a realization It is an inevitable requirement for the coordinated development of rural power grids and power grids at all levels. Each power communication network is an important foundation for advancing the intelligent construction of rural power grids and ensuring the production, operation, management and power supply services of the power grid. In recent years, power supply companies at all levels of the State Grid System have done a lot of work in this area and achieved certain results. However, some units are inaccurate in the construction and technical direction of the power communication network, and the construction mode, equipment level, and application effect of the power communication network in different regions and counties are quite different; the construction of each power communication network lacks system planning, and the overall level lags behind the agricultural Conditions such as electricity development requirements still exist, which are not compatible with the development of a strong smart grid. The task of strengthening and perfecting the construction of various power communication networks in the power grid system is very urgent.
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